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Church of Christ at Madison


Please keep Neriil Dieudonne in your prayers.
He is has been fighting from sickel-cell anemia for some time.
He is doing better, but still needs our prayers.
(For more about this disease visit:

Also pray for Ed and Naomi Bousman. Ed has been
suffering from complications from bladder
surgery and has been experiencing problems with blood clots.
Following are the last three updates from Naomi.

Sunday April 17th: Late Sunday afternoon we were transferred from ICU back to 5th floor where Ed had been the previous 3 weeks. Hopefully this is in preparation to go home within a week or so. Still has some sleepless, painful nights but overall I think we’ve turned the corner and on the main stretch to get home. Keep praying that bypassing the bladder for a week to heal and then returning the urine to the bladder will work, and then the tubes in the kidneys can be removed. Also pray that his appetite will return and he’ll start to eat more. Thank you for your prayers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be home for RESURRECTION SUNDAY. I know every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, but I was referring to the one listed on the calendar. GIJAPA, Naomi

Saturday 4/16/11: Ed is sleeping a lot today, but is aware of where he is and what is going on, just tired from the surgery yesterday. Bleeding seems to have slowed down, just maybe the factor XI is kicking in along with the factor VIII. Still a few small clots in the bladder but nothing like it was. He continues to get Morphine of pain as needed, still getting TPN—a liquid protein—through his pic-line for nutrition, but will resume eating when he feels like it. Dr. Braun ordered a CT scan of the bladder to see how many clots he still has to deal with. Chemo was cancelled today because of yesterday’s surgery, might resume that on Monday. Kidney Dr. signed off of Ed’s case yesterday when his kidney function test all came back normal. We still have big battles to fight but we are winning some of the smaller ones. Thank you so much for your many cards, emails and most of all your prayers. KEEP PRAYING we’ve got a long way to go, perhaps another 3 weeks at least if the Bilateral Nephrastomi tube replacement works before they try reversing it and let the urine flow back into the bladder. Sometimes I grow weary, and depressed then I realize what a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD we serve and I must never doubt His power and ability to reverse everything if that is HIS WILL! GIJAPA, Naomi

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